Project Consultation and Inspection

HVAC Licensed Contracter


Contractor Oversight:

Have me stop by and check to see that the work is being done properly, before it’s too late. I can also approve the completed job before you make the final payment to the contractor.


Contract review: 

Have me review your contract before you sign it and make the payment


Estimate and project review:                                                                                                                                               

I can look over your estimates and project plans before you choose the contractor.


New furnace and air-conditioner Installation inspection:                                                                               

Allow me to look over your new installation plans before your contractor starts and inspect the job when its done. If a contractor says “we will replace what you have” that should be a red flag! especially new duct work. Today’s equipment is designed differently then 20 years ago such as supply vents should always be installed on the outside walls.


New Plumbing and electrical installation  inspection:                                                                                         

Have me inspect your new plumbing and or electrical project.


Do it your self project consultation and Inspection:                                                                                            

Have me look over your project plans (or you can even just call me and pic my brain) I can come and inspect your completed project or Inspect your project in phases A home owner can do almost all the work on their own home without a licenses you can even pull your own permits (especially outside the city). Therefore, a writing an essay craft table was an effective way to help me plan for instruction. in todays economy doing it your self can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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